Conchita DOBLE

Large, double flowers make Conchita DOBLE a series of unique petunia-varieties – beautiful and elegant in the summer. The habit resembles the habit of the classic trailing petunias; some have long vines and may even be used as ground cover like ‘Pink Lace’ or ‘Purple Lace’, whereas other varieties have a more compact and mounding growth. All have a profusion of flowers, only be aware that not all Dobles are self-cleaning – beauty may sometimes require a little help.
Conchita Dobles are great trailing plants, which will show off their delightful flowers in their full glory in large hanging baskets, pots or in window boxes. Conchita Doble comes in many colours that can be mixed or planted singly. They prefer lots of daylight, preferably full sun, where they will grow quickly with an abundance of flowers.Like the Conchitas and all other petunia varieties the Dobles are heavy- feeders and need to be watered and fertilized regularly, preferably with a nutrition low in pH.
Dobles are usually delivered as rooted cuttings in trays of 104 plugs