Sutera, or Bacopa as they often are called, are robust and sturdy annuals with a compact, mounded to long trailing habit. The leaves are dark green, small and neat, and the plant produces a multitude of flowers. Flowers of the EVEREST series are up to 2-3 cm in diameter, and there are lots of them. The flowers are pure white, pink, light blue or violet-blue and they appear all through the summer. It is not necessary to remove spent flowers – Sutera is self-cleaning and the flowers will just wiltdiscreetly and fall of while new flowers quickly take over.
Sutera Everest are ideal as the “spiller” (the ground cover) in combinations in pots, hanging baskets and window boxes, but they will also make a terrific display planted in a single colour. The plant originally comes from South Africa and prefers a sunny position. When placed in the shade blooms will be less and the plants more leggy. Water and feed regularly, but avoid over-watering as well as drying out - when stressed the plants will drop both the flowers and buds and eventually wither away.

Sutera Everest are normally delivered as rooted cuttings in trays of 104 plugs