Without doubt, Pelargoniums are some of the best known and most widely used summerplants, and not without a reason. They are easy to care for, require less watering and they are versatile, can be used for pots, containers, baskets, bed and borders.

Pelargonium peltatum - Ivy-leaved pelargoniums are widely used for hanging baskets, window boxes and large combi containers, while the more upright  Pelargonium x hortorum - Zonal pelargoniums can be used in pots and containers of almost any size, for window boxes and even for beds and borders.
And now a new group is coming up. These are hybrid species of crossings between peltatum and zonale varieties, they have inherited the best genes from both types and are already the super-pelargoniums of tomorrow. There is no botanic term or name for this group, yet, but they will have many uses and set new standards for pelargoniums. We are proud to present a small group of very promising varieties under the brand