Nemesia SUNSATIA combines the best attributes of different species into one magnificent group of varieties, distinctively different from traditional Nemesias. They produce more flowers, larger blooms and flower for a longer period, plants have a greater vigour and an excellent branching habit. The series includes a range of previously unavailable colours ranging from glowing bright hues to the softest pastels.
Their habit is either upright, strong and compact with elegant flower spikes as e.g. the Karoo-varieties, or it is dome-shaped to slightly trailing with graceful, airy flower stems as the varieties called Sunsatia PLUS. Plant in a good and well drained potting soil, add fertilizer and water regularly and plentifully, but at the same time avoid over-watering and make sure that excess water is allowed to drain away. -Proper draining is essential to happy roots, and happy roots are essential to happy plants.
Sunsatias prefer lots of daylight and perform best in full sun. They are self-cleaning and will bloom continuously from planting till late autumn, even without pruning. However, if the flower bearing stems start to get too leggy or to bend over because they have become too long, the plants may be trimmed back with a pair of scissors or pruning shears. Trim back to 10-20 cm above the ground. Within two-three weeks the first colour will appear again. The trim will increase branching and will result in more flowers.

Nemesias are normally shipped as rooted cuttings in trays of 104 plugs