Gazania ‘Tiger Eye’ has great, large, brightly coloured flowers and an almost globe-shaped habit. They are excellent and interesting container plants, robust and well adapted for lots of sun and dry periods.
Gazania is a native to South Africa and belongs to the extensive group of flowers which in some parts are called ‘midday-flowers’ as they open in all their splendour in warm and dry weather, whereas they tend to close in dull and rainy weather. When planting in combinations it is a good idea to mix gazania with flowers which stay open in dark weather to keep a colourful and blooming performance. It is also a good idea to plant in pots, bowls and window boxes where the flowers can be seen – the vibrant colours will bring any display to a magical life.

Gazania ’Tiger Eye’ are usually shipped as rooted cuttings in trays of 84 plants.