Cleome is often associated with thorns and big, wild flowerstems, but those who have had just a single Señorita Rosalita in a pot or in a flower bed have a quite different view. Both Señorita Rosalita and Señorita Blanca have a vigorous and healthy growth habit with deep green foliage and fascinating flowers, but unlike other cleome they don’t have any thorns and they don’t get sticky, and if well fertilized the foliage will hold to the ground. They are robust and strong plants that flower throughout the summer and they are brilliant for using as a tall specimen in combination with other plants in a large bowl or container. The leaves are palmate and may remind of stinging nettles, but that is the only likeness.
The Señoritas have delicate light lilac to lavender pink or white petals with very long stamens. New buds and flowers are continuously produced from the top of the tip of the shoots. The flowers remind of a cat’s whiskers, which is also the plant’s name in many countries. Both Señoritas have a neat, compact and bushy habit with a rich foliage and require regular watering. Cleome prefers lots of light, preferably full sun, yet do fine in partial shade and don’t mind a refreshing downpour.

Cleome Señorita Rosalita and Señorita Blanca are normally delivered as rooted cuttings in trays of 84 plugs.