The characteristic, charming, bell-shaped flowers have made Fuchsia one of the most popular flowering plants and with several hundred of Fuchsia-varieties there is a huge range to choose from. Shadow Dancers were bred by the German breeder Wolfram Götz who through a careful breeding and selection process has created this series of compact, healthy fuchsias - all with delicate foliage and masses of small, ballerina-like flowers.
Once established the Shadow Dancer will form a small shrub, which performs at its best in partial shade. It is excellent for pots and window boxes, some varieties even for hanging baskets. With the proper care, Shadow Dancer will flower lavishly from spring till autumn. Water regularly – fuchsia plants must neither dry out nor be overwatered – so it is vital to ensure proper drainage, that excess water can drain away  thus preventing the roots from drowning.

Fuchsia Shadow dancers are usually delivered as rooted cuttings in trays of 104 plugs