The spectacular and superb Verbena plants have multiple uses in the summer gardens or patios – planted in window boxes, pots or large containers, or used as a ground cover in large or small beds everywhere in the garden. SUPERBENA is the collective name for a large group of our lovely varieties of the popular verbena.
These lavishly flowering and vigorous plants prefer full sun with good care, but at the same time they withstand rain and wind and have a greater disease and pests resistance.
We have described our Superbenas in groups according to their features and uses:
Superbena  "Classic’ includes the somewhat larger varieties with strong and vigorous growth, longer offshoots, broader leaves and large flowers. Their habit is upright to slightly trailing and tight.
Superbena ‘Lace’ has small, fine, feathery leaves, and small single flowers in elegant flower heads. The habit is graceful and neat.Superbena ’Bushy’ are verbenas with an upright, tight growth, making them ideal for containers in all sizes.
Superbena ‘Classic’ and Superbena ‘Lace’ are amazing trailers which planted in a hanging basket will trail to show off their lovely flowers in their full glory.
All the groups have varieties in many wonderful colours and more to come.
Verbena Superbena are usually delivered as rooted cuttings in trays of 104 plugs