Dianthus WAIKIKI

Dianthus WAIKIKI is a series of brand new border pinks, compact Dianthus with rich and long lasting flower coverage. Waikikis are well suited for small containers, for edging and in the rock garden. Plants require good drainage and are an excellent choice for hot dry sites or gravelly soils. Combines beautifully with other low alpine plants.
Waikiki’s will grow in an upright rounded mound to about 15 cm tall and to about 20 cm wide. It will be noted for a long summer bloom of fragrant white, rosy or lilac pink flowers. Flowers bloom from late spring to early summer with continued but somewhat sporadic additional bloom to fall. Shear back lightly after blooming to encourage rebloom and to maintain a tight, compact habit.
Dianthus WAIKIKI are normally shipped in 104 pcs trays